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The CNT federation for mail and telecommunications services.

The CNT federation for mail and telecommunications services was created in 1984/1986. During its
history, there were ups and downs in its development. But it always took part in social struggles in this profes-
sional domain, localy or nationaly.

When our federation was created, it only organized civil servants in mail and telecommunications public
services. Nowadays, our scope of unionization has evolved due to juridical changes in the domain : mail and
telecommunications public services have been separated, then privatized, following a similar evolution in this
economic domain in most of capitalist countries. New operators appeared in an economic domain that was
under state monopoly. This evolution took place despite social struggles and with the collusion, or the passivity,
of reformist and institutional unions.

Nowadays, our federation develops a regular activity towards workers in mail and telecommunications
services in an extended way. If our most significant implantation is in mail public services, we act to develop
in other companies like Adrexo (non adressed advertising mail), telecommunications (Orange, Free), call cen-
ters (Téléperformance).

We develop struggle proposals against the state of neglect in public services, like mail desertification
in rural areas, against enormous job cuts, for only one status to confront casualized labour, and against de-
gradation of working conditions in those different domains that lead to an increase in workplace stress and
burnout (accidents, depressions, suicides). As for us, we have been adopting a new protest platform whose
examples are enclosed.

We fight to support local struggles and we campaign for a global action, a general strike in this profes-
sional domain. Yet, our union activities are not limited to actions in our workplaces : we also act on an inter-
professional basis in local, departemental, regional unions and in the confederation because our fight is global,
anticapitalist, for a self-managing transformation of the system. Our demands are not only professional but in-
clude environmental, antiracist, antifascist issues, in particular the unemployed and precarious workers’ strug-

Aware that our anticapitalist orientation does not take place in a national framework but requires a coor-
dinated rallying in every country, we wish to tighten our international links in order to : inform others about
struggles in this domain on other continents, organize solidarity when needed, exchange our demands that
may be shared, prepare coordinated struggles on a European scale, take part in meetings and, through our
exchanges, strive to rebuild a living internationalism required at a time when capitalist economy is laying down
the law of profit in every nook and cranny on Earth.

First, we wish to proceed with regular exchanges of our publications, respective leaflets, newspapers.
You will find below the contact details for the federation and those of our international correspondents for each
country and language.

Accept our anarcho-syndicalist and revolutionary syndicalist greetings.

For the federation,

The secretary